Commercial Installations

Around 70% of our business is working closely with local building contractors on the delivery of a range of projects including office refurbishments, new build hotels, improvement to local authority buildings such as schools, community centres and other public spaces.

HES covers a range of standard Commercial Electrical Installation works such as small power and Lighting, Data Communications, Conventional and Addressable Fire Alarm Systems and LV Distribution Systems. The list goes on.

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Our Commercial Services Include but are not limited too:-


HES have experience installing various cabling and cable containment systems within a range ? environments. These include, but are not limited too:-

  • Galvanised or Stainless Ladder rack systems, Cable Tray, Cable Baskets, Steel Trunking and Conduct Systems and Unistat Systems
  • XLPE/SWA/LSF Cable Installation
  • NY-JJ, HO7RN-F, SY Cable Installation
  • Soft Skin Fire Resistant Cabling FP200
  • PVC Single Core
  • Screened and Twisted Pair Cabling
  • Photo of Cable/Cable Containment Installations

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We offer a range of small power and lighting systems that could suit your requirements such as:-

  • LED Lighting Installations
  • Intelligent Lighting Controls
  • Dade? Training? and Socket Outlets


Our engineers are on hand to give you advice on your Distribution requirements ? power supply. This includes the installation of Mains Panel Boards, Local Distribution Boards and consumer units to meet your requirements.